The Estate & Farm

The Estate

The estate extends over 160 acres of land, boasting priceless views and endless opportunities for activities.

The wooded area is legally protected and a private hunting reserve, with several different trails, allowing guests to walk, bike, run, horseback ride, and  forage for wild asparagus, mushrooms and berries.

In addition to what nature has to offer, there are several sports complexes onsite for guests to enjoy free of charge during their stay. We do provide minimal sports equipment, but recommend guests bring their personal sports gear. First come, first serve!

This Is What Our Estate Offers…

Open Year-Round

The Cellar

Open by Request & Based on Availability

The estate cellar is located in the center of the hamlet, just below our restaurant, “Il Tartufo”. It consists of oil and wine production areas, a small kitchen for preserving products, and a small wine museum with a tasting area. This space is available for tours, events, and experiences.

The Crops

From the Fields

  • olive-icon

    Olive groves - 900 olive trees

  • vineyard icon-01

    Vineyards 7.5 acres IGT - Super Tuscan
    (Next vintage released in 2025)

  • grains-icon

    Grains and cereals

  • alfalfa-icon


  • lavender-icon


  • Garden - seasonal garden
    (provides farm-to-table products for our restaurant year-round)

  • beans-icon


  • honey plants-02-04

    Honey Plants

  • fruit orchard icon-03

    Fruit Orchard
    (85 trees with figs, persimmons, pear, apple, apricots, plums, cherries and variety of peaches)

  • articokes icons-04

    (planting late Summer of 2024)

From the Forest

  • wild asparagus icons-05

    Wild asparagus

  • wild blackberries icons-06

    Wild blackberries

  • white truffles icons-07

    White truffles

  • wood2 icons-08-10


  • wild mushrooms icons-09

    Wild Mushrooms

The Animals

A green background with an image of a bowl and grass.

The Ponds

The estate has two ponds on site, home to geese, ducks, turtles, frogs, and fish. Both are easily accessible from the center of the hamlet and can be enjoyed at all hours of the day.

A green square with an image of a chicken coop.

The Chicken Coop

Our chicken coop provides fresh farm eggs for our daily intercontinental breakfast.

A green pig with a yellow outline of the same image.

Cinta Senese (Pig)

An upcoming project for our farm, we will be raising wild pigs in our forest. Stay tuned on our social media platforms for an update on our progress.

A green barn with a door open and the word " farm " written in it.

The Stables & Stalls - Horses, Donkeys & Goats, Oh My!

We currently have a project in the works to build a small barn for our petting zoo that will house our future furry friends and raise animal awareness. Stay tuned on our social media platforms for an update on our progress.

The Hunting Reserve

The estate's private hunting reserve is roughly 80 acres and is home to several types of wildlife including wild boar, pheasant, and deer. We offer several hunting packages during the season including lodging, meals, and hunting guides.

To hunt in our reserve, you must have the appropriate license, attain appropriate permissions, and be expected to follow regional hunting laws.